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extracted from Organic hemp

Our CBD is extracted from our locally, BC grown hemp plants. We use organic materials during the life of the plant to ensure the purest and cleanest CBD.

Lab tested CBD

All our CBD has been lab tested and passes all quality checks by a third party laboratory. We do this to make sure our product is free of impurities and defects.

The Best In CBD

CBD has exploded in popularity and there is good reason for it. CBD can help with depression, muscle pain, concentration, epilepsy and so much more. 

We want to provide Canada with a high quality source for all their CBD wellness products. We are 100% organic and only use lab tested CBD.



Our products are guaranteed to be 100% THC free. Some companies leave trace amounts of THC leading to the customer feeling the psychoactive effects. We ensure that our CBD is pure and tested.


Our products are certified GMO free as we strongly believe in keeping our product organic and pure. Shop in confidence knowing we hold standards as high as our customers.

HEMP Grown in bc

All our hemp is grown locally on Vancouver Island. We have close relationships with the farms that produce our CBD so we can keep strict quality control over the end result. 

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Become a member of CBD Barn Canada and you can soon be enjoying our wide range of wellness products. The signup is simple and we ship same day. All our product is shipped from BC and can arrive anywhere in Canada as fast as 24 hours.




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